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Learning Management System Malaysia

YouTutor Online Learning is an e-learning Management System | LMS in Malaysia which provides online distance learning for primary and secondary school students in Malaysia.

Trends of Online Learning In Malaysia

Online learning is one of the newest and most popular forms of distance education today in Malaysia. Within the past decade, it has had a major impact on education and the trend of Learning Management System (LMS) is constantly increasing.

#1 Learning Management System | LMS Platform in Malaysia

LMS developed by Karuna strives to provide a brand new approach to the online learning industry by utilizing the latest trends that the education world has to offer. It is built for educators to shift online and thus it is suitable for universities, colleges, and tuition centers to implement their online courses.

All-in-one comprehensive Features

Our online learning platform through the internet comes with a comprehensive list of features; dashboard, promotion, courses, products, online payments, calendar scheduling, Students’ attendance, and performance tracking as well as reporting.

One of the most popular tools is that educators can use to create engaging, fun, and interactive online learning for their students and communication with the students’ parents via announcement and Live chat features.

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