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Your website is finally available to the world, and that’s great! You can start using it to further your goals, and eventually grow your blog/business/portfolio or whatever else your desire is. But How?

A lot of people do not know what to do after their website are ready.  Most of the time just “Wait and See”.  Instead, there are still a handful of things that you should do right after launching your website in order to set yourself up for success; that is to promote your website!

Hereby we are going to share 10 FREE way to promote your website:

  1. Add your website address to your email signature, and ensure everyone in your organisation does the same.  Free online tools you can consider are: i) Free Email Signature Template Generator by HubSpot, ii) Exclaimer’s FREE Email Signature Generator, iii) Free Email Signature Generator By CODETWO
  2. Link to major sections of your website in your email signature.
  3. Ask all of your staff to post about the new website on their social media.
  4. Add your website address to any press advertising, especially name card and company stationary.
  5. Add your website address to all of your social media accounts.  Note two places in Facebook we recommend to insert your website link; ABOUT US and Call-To-Action Button at the Cover image.
  6. Link each Social media post back to website. This is a MUST thing to do. A lot of people did not realise its important and thus promoting both their website and social media separately. The correct way is to store the contents or images that you are going to share in your website, users will then click on the link and visit your website. Alternatively, you can establish a image with link for CTA too by select Share a photo or video and then Create a Photo Carousel.  Just enter the URL and the images to execute.
  7. Encourage your audience on social media to visit your website.
  8. Create an email newsletter, and put the subscribe form prominently on your website.
  9. Email all of your contacts and let them know about your new website.
  10. Submit your new website to Malaysia business listing, only those in high ranking. Some examples as below:

Note all the above are just the basic tasks need to be done.  No Excuse!

Below are five website marketing approaches you could consider to take on in order to get your page up to the top of the search engines.

1. Search Engine Optimisation
2. Google Adwords
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Content Management
5. Email Marketing

Please do feel free to contact us, we will revert back the soonest.

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